Policy practitioners first

At FrankCapability we are policy practitioners first.

Our team stands out for our collective and extensive experience as senior public servants. We leverage this experience to offer capability support that is grounded in real-world expertise.

We work closely with our sister company, policy consultancy FrankAdvice, to develop and test the methodologies we teach in our courses, ensuring our approaches are current and fit for purpose.

Aligned with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Policy Skills Framework

All our courses have been developed to align with the applied skills expectations of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s (DPMC) Policy Skills Framework.

Up-to-date content and practices

We constantly review what we do to keep up with the changing landscape and make sure we’re offering the best to our clients.

From surveys of our course participants, we have learnt they value our courses because:

  • our class sizes are small, and we foster whakawhanaungatanga, so learners can talk openly in a high trust environment
  • we meet individual needs because we tailor our courses, and we use real examples that relate to actual policy problems
  • our facilitators are friendly, enthusiastic and answers any question – with knowledge, experience, and great stories
  • our course content covers the essentials and is clear, concise, and up-to-date
  • as well as one-off courses, we work with clients to deliver an in-house programme for their organisation.