Frank is kind

to ourselves and others

  • We foster whakawhanaungatanga so learners can talk openly in a high-trust environment.
  • We meet individual needs by tailoring our courses and using real-world, relatable examples.
  • We create a safe and productive learning environment.

Frank is rigorous

New Zealanders deserve the best

  • Our courses meet our clients’ expectations for high quality, within the scope and budget that has been agreed.
  • We design our courses based on what the evidence tells us are best adult learning practices.
  • Our content covers the essentials and is relevant, engaging, and up to date.

Frank is generous

we offer our time and share our ideas

  • We engage with energy and passion to deliver a rewarding learning experience, every time.
  • We are generous in sharing our experience of what has worked well and what hasn’t.
  • We love questions, and focus on what our learners want to know.

Frank is patient

the answer will come

  • We invest in understanding our clients so that we can suggest the most effective solutions.
  • We respect that people learn in different ways and adapt our approach accordingly.
  • We take the time to support our learners at a pace that suits their needs.