Our course offerings are based on our deep knowledge as policy professionals about the frameworks and processes required to create advice that supports great decision making, every time. They combine the principles of effective adult learning and world-class technology, with decades of experience in the New Zealand public service.Read more about our credentials as your capability development partner on our Why us page.

Our courses have been designed based on the following principles:


Every component of each course has been carefully designed to deliver on the learning outcomes.


Each course has been curated to provide an optimal learning experience.


Course content is expertly prepared to build on our learners’ existing knowledge and skills.


Course work includes elements of self-led learning to take account of how busy learners are and to deliver what suits them best.


Each course is focused on equipping learners to be better prepared to give the advice needed for better decision-making, faster.

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Our capability development programme offers courses across the policy development cycle. FrankCapability also has the capacity to deliver webinars and bespoke courses. We will always work with you to ensure that our offerings are fit-for-purpose and suited to meet your needs.

What others are saying

"This was a well run, informative, and accessible course which I only wish had been available to me when I started my policy journey. I still had heaps to learn and found it a supportive environment to challenge what I thought I knew and absorb all that I found I didn't."

- Senior Policy Planner

Gisborne District Council

"I really enjoyed the course and have learnt so much which I can take back to work and implement. Would recommend this course to everyone who hasn't done it before in the public sector."

- Senior Policy Advisor

Ministry of Education

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